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The Guardian Shield


How does The Guardian Shield Program work?

No other service report has this much behind it.

Your service representative analyzes water samples and logs pertinent operational criteria during each service visit. The data is entered into The Analysis Pad™ software program and a comprehensive service report is generated on site at that time. This information is subsequently transferred to our secure database for storage.

Should a control parameter fall outside its target range on multiple occasions, the software program will “red flag” it for investigation by our technical service staff consisting of AWT Certified Water Technologists and key management personnel.

The Certified Water Technologist and your service representative will develop an action plan to correct the parameter and will communicate with operating personnel exactly what needs to be done. Once the action plan is implemented, a follow-up service visit will be scheduled to confirm the correction has been made.

The Guardian Shield Program covers you with an additional layer of service to insure potential problems do not become real problems.

What is behind the report?

Service Visit

  • On each service visit, a Guardian-IPCO technical representative compares current water conditions to establish control limits.
  • Potential problematic conditions are identified and adjustments are made.
  • The Guardian Shield reports and graphs are presented.
  • When needed, the Guardian-IPCO representative re-visits the site to confirm that program adjustments were successful.

Host Trend Analysis

  • Guardian Shield field data is synchronized with host database at central office on a routine basis.
  • Based on historical trending, remaining unsolved problems are identified for management review.

Service Manager Review and Action Plan

  • Second tier management review of individual service reports and historical trending is completed.
  • Action plans are developed between the Guardian-IPCO service team and the customer.
  • Corrective action plans are tracked to completion.

Senior Management Review

  • Third-tier review audits the effectiveness of the Guardian Shield service quality process.
  • When needed, senior management implements corrective and preventive actions.

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